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Oklahoma City Public Adjusters

Oklahoma City policyholders have several options when it comes to filing insurance claims including filing the paperwork and taking the insurance company’s settlement offer and working with a public insurance adjuster. For simple claims like parking lot fender benders that don’t involve a great deal of money, you’ll likely be satisfied with the final outcome. On the other hand, complex insurance claims involving extensive property losses and structural repairs may require outside help.

Oklahoma City public adjusters provide that help. For instance, after a high wind event, hail storm, tornado, or other catastrophe in Oklahoma, it’s not unusual for widespread insurance losses to occur. When this happens, insurance companies send teams of insurance adjusters to the city to estimate losses and settle claims. Unfortunately for policyholders, the burden of proof is NOT the insurance company’s responsibility. It is the policyholders’ responsibility. So, while the company adjusters stop by and assess the damage, their job isn’t necessarily to uncover all possible losses but rather to verify that you have a legitimate claim and estimate what they think you are entitled to under the terms of your policy. With widespread losses, adjusters may have little time to thoroughly examine each property.

What does this mean to you, the Oklahoma policyholder? It means that you need to provide your insurance company with proof of your losses – all of them. If the insurance company doesn’t notice that your kitchen cabinets were damaged by water leaking through the storm shutters, it won’t pay for repairing or replacing them. Oklahoma City public adjusters can help you find and document all related damage, inventory all property losses, file paperwork, estimate replacement and repair costs, and negotiate for a higher, more equitable final settlement offer that takes everything into account.

In addition to uncovering everything that you are entitled to, public insurance adjusters know what’s customary in the insurance claims business and will make sure to include reimbursements for temporary living expenses, spoiled food, and other losses that you may have overlooked or thought might not be covered.

So, what exactly are Oklahoma City public adjusters and how much do they cost? Public insurance adjusters provide similar services as insurance company adjusters with one major difference: their employer. Public adjusters work for the general public – you. Insurance company adjusters work for insurance companies. A public adjuster is concerned with making sure all of your losses are compensated to the fullest so that you can restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies are concerned with this too; however, they may not notice everything. After all, it’s not their job to find all of the damage – it’s your job. By hiring a public adjuster, you can make sure that everything is found, documented, and presented to the insurance company.

Oklahoma City public adjusters are paid a small percentage out of the final insurance settlement. There are no upfront fees and no out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever. This arrangement provides public adjusters with a financial incentive to perform. After all, if their work doesn’t result in a settlement, they don’t get paid. What’s more, the larger the settlement they can negotiate, the more they get paid. Because public adjusters scour the property for every possible claim, it’s not unusual for policyholders to receive far more from their insurance companies, even after the public adjuster’s payment is taken out of the final settlement check.

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